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#HiveSummit is a free, 14 day virtual educational conference starting on August 1st. The call to the Hive is strong. It brings some of the best and the brightest minds together to do what bees do best… work hard for something sweet!

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The #HiveSummit will release one new video a day, for the first nine days of August. All videos will stay open in the summit for 14 days. After that time, they will disappear.

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The heart of the conference is PD on your time. You can watch the videos anytime, anywhere during the first two weeks in August. Watch, learn, and then cross pollinate by tweeting what you learn at #HiveSummit



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Presenter BEES

I am pleased to announce the presenters for the first ever #HiveSummit  It is going to be awesome!

“My hope is to increase student engagement, transform your life as an educator, and boost your creativity.”


Dave Burgess

Author, Speaker, Game Changer, @Burgessdave

“Working hard to bring innovation, energy, and validity and high standards to both my presentations as well as my instructional practice.”


Rick Wormeli

Teacher, Author, Education Consultant, @rickwormeli2

“I am passionate about best practices, such as flipped/blended learning and gamification, my passion has also expanded to helping educators connect globally.”

Site: Sarahjanethomas

Sarah Thomas PhD

Regional Technology Cordinator, @sarahdateechur

“I want to help schools leverage creative thinking collaboration, and technology as methods to empower our youth to take on challenges.”


Rabbi Michael Cohen

Designer Educator, Creativity Instigator, and Director of Innovation, @TheTechRabbi

“Technology is changing the world, and it’s changing our schools and classrooms.”

Site: Ditch that Textbook

Matt Miller

Teacher, Author, Speaker, @jmattmiller

“Helping educators find joy in the journey of both teaching and learning. Applying play, passion, and purpose to everything we do unlocks our potential! Let’s get started today!”

Site: Explore Like a Pirate

Michael Matera

Teacher, Author, Speaker, @mrmatera

“REAL is an outlet for me to pay it forward by sharing ideas, influences, lessons learned and exposing a little vulnerability while encouraging others to maximize their REAL potential, as well.”


Tara Martin

Curriculum Coordinator, Lead Instructional Coach, Author, @TaraMartinEDU

“Good leadership starts with being intentional about creating culture and building relationships. Let’s all step up with intentionality towards build our schools and our brand.”


Joe Sanfelippo

Superintendent, Speaker, and Author, @Joe_Sanfelippo

“Bringing visual thinking and doodle making to the internet but also your classroom. Let’s unlock the doodler and thinker inside you!”


Carrie Baughcum

Doodler, Teacher, YouTuber , @HeckAwesome

Hive Summit Kiva Fund

We are excited to make a difference BEE-yond the hive. Check out our Hive Kiva Fund and donate today to help people around the world!